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Notary Public Service

Notary Public

The Landrum Group in New York provides notary public services for all our clients. You can trust that your documents will be notarized correctly and in a timely manner. We have an expert team of certified notary publics who are ready to serve you. Trust The Landrum Group to assist you through the process and provide you with the services you need.

What Is a Notary Public?

A notary public is an official of the state who is empowered to administer oaths, take acknowledgments of deeds, and perform other specified acts to serve the public. They are usually appointed by the Secretary of State. To become a notary public, you must be over 18 years old and have a clean criminal record. You will also need to complete a notary public course and pass an exam.

What We Do

Whether you need a single page or have loan closing documents to be notarized, the Landrum Group can provide you with the notary public services you need. This also includes other general matters such as financial transactions, deeds, and much more. You can trust that your documents will be handled correctly and in a timely manner by our team of professionals. Our notary public also can travel to you to serve you better. We know your time is valuable, so we will work around your schedule.

Why Use a Notary Public?

The main reason to use a notary public is to ensure that the signer of a document is who they say they are, and that they understand what they are signing. A notary public can also take other measures to verify the identity of a signer, such as requiring them to present a driver’s license or passport. It is best to use a notary public when signing all important documents, such as contracts, wills, and loan documents to ensure everything has been filled out correctly. Many other benefits come with using a notary public, including added protection against fraud and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your documents have been notarized correctly.

Other reasons include:

  • To have someone witness your signature on a document
  • .
  • To take an acknowledgment of a deed
  • Can help replace lost income in the event of your death.
  • To take a deposition
  • To ensure that a document is properly executed

Choose The Landrum Group for all your notary public needs, big or small. You can trust that you will leave our office with all your documents properly notarized. Our goal is to make your experience with us as simple and stress-free as possible. We are here to serve you in a prompt and professional manner, each time. Contact us today to get started or to learn more about our notary public services.

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